Monday, 11 April 2011

Favourite Game System Poll Results

So, finally we have the results of our first poll! We asked you to pick your favourite die system out of our list and here is what you said.

In third place is the somewhat underused D6 system with 14% of the vote. This includes games such as Vampire Masquerade, Victoriana and The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game. The low vote count for this system is likely due to the slightly more complicated nature of the systems that use it. Unlike other systems D6 tends to use dice pools rather than adjustments and can often become somewhat over complicated.

In joint first place, with 43% of the vote, we have the classic D20 and grand father D100! These systems have been around since the dawn of roleplaying history and don't look set to go anywhere soon. The D20 system, made popular by D&D (Wizards of the Coast), is quick, simple and easy to run. Meanwhile the D100 utilises the simplest system we use, percentages. This system allows anyone to play without much reference material and is often among the first systems people get involved in.

So, with the golden oldies coming out on top what has the poll really shown us? Well, exactly that, D20 and D100 are still top, followed as ever by the newer systems such as the D6, D10 and D12 etc. Given another year however, with D&D 4th edition being such a lead balloon and with Green Ronin moving away from the D100, everything looks set to change.

Any views on what you think the future brings would be welcome, all you games designers out there, fill us in!