Friday, 11 March 2011

Prototype Project

I'm back! Sorry about the gap in posts, someone forgot to pay the Internet bill, not me of course. Anyway I am back and have been working on a new project that will lead to a brand new game that I intend to publish in late Autumn this year!

The name of the game is Prototype, odd I know but stay with me. The game is set in an alternate world to our own where the cold war was less, well cold. The arms race escalated into all out nuclear war starting what became world war III. In an attempt to bring a quick end to hostilities the UN council  utilised an underground research lab to create genetically modified soldiers under the joint command of the UN security council. However, the effect was not as expected. A single member of the council was corrupt, and effectively sold gene troopers on the black market to governments and wealthy individuals all over the world.

With the world being utterly destroyed many fled underground, creating vast subterranean cities under the earth's surface. Here mankind lived for 50 years, lingering, stagnating. Many scientific advancements were lost due to lack of resources and all those brave or foolish enough to brave the surface never returned. However, mankind was not forever doomed to survive under rock. A brilliant geneticist combined an odd mixture of science and alchemy and with this new power, began to create genetic models that could survive above ground within the fall out zones. From these models he create was is called GS or gene stock. This liquid substance can e injected into the blood stream to enhance a living creatures ability to survive despite nuclear fall out.

With this new advancement man could finlay walk the earth again, but the earth that they found was not like the one they had left behind. The land was barren, no sign of lie existed. The sea's had been evaporated by the intense nuclear blasts that had so efficiently destroyed all life on the surface. The little water that was left was stagnant and contaminated. So, mankind set abut rebuilding it's cities piece by piece they expanded thinking they were all that remained, they were wrong.

In the far north of Soviet Russia a underground facility had been constructed many years in advance of the war to protect the countries future. These men and women were the geneticists responsible to the first gene troopers created for the UN but now, with 50 years to practise, their designs were perfect. They had created a substance much like GS before the war had even started and had created organs within the human body to produce the chemical naturally.

By the time the rest of the world was crawling back out of the dirt, Russia was a powerful nation covering most of Europe and Asia. Many of the countries natural resources had been stock piled in underground silos before the war allow industry across Russia to begin again at an alarmingly fast rate. Cities were constructed from steel and iron, roads laid, planes re-produced and final, genetic experimentation was started. The Geneticists themselves had been experimenting on their own persons for 50 years and were a ghastly group of scared but enhanced psychopaths. They created for the ruling elite an army of genetically enhanced soldiers along with more advanced weaponry than had ever been seen before. This army had one purpose, to establish a great empire spanning the whole world, nothing could stand in their way.

10 Years later and Russia's empire is nearing completion. Countries all over the world fought long and hard but couldn't match the gene troopers in numbers or in technological advancement. Men and young boys are forcibly recruited from all over the world to be 'enhanced' and to fight alongside their new comrades. This who are too old or weak to fight are used as slave labour, building the great cities of the empire. But still, some resist.

The same great geneticist that created GS has been working as a member of the resistance movement, trying to out engineer the enemy gene troopers. He has set up a lab underground in what was north Mexico. The barren land is of little interest to the Russian empire but it is here that their greatest foe works. This man is Dr Gregory Klystaf.

You are Klystaf's final creation. A small team of perfected gene troopers. No mutations, a totally stable gene code, perfect in every way. But all appears to be lost. A spie has given up the labs position and even now gene troopers are storming the facility. The Dr and his aids wake you early from your state of suspension and you must quickly find your feet as your and your team are rushed out of the lab and into a gunslighing world of last chances.

So that's the basic idea, still needs padding and filling but the basics are there. The basic game mechanic will be D6 and will utilise a dice pool statistics system. Players will be the prototype teams created by Dr Greg to combat the Russian empire. They must navigate through the post nuclear world work within the resistance and bring down the power hungry empire before it realises its terrible goals.

I'll be working on this project a lot over the next few months so keep your eyes peeled for updates and a chance to play test the system before it is published!