How To Series

Welcome to the RPG Tavern How To series. The purpose of this series is to create a comprehensive series of how to documents covering all the aspects of roleplaying. I hope to cover everything from the GM to character creating and even creating your own game system.

These articles are posted for anyone to use regardless of prior experience. For this reason, if some articles seem a bit simple to you, then you have probably got some experience already and so that article isn't meant for you. The idea is to create articles that are useful to everyone with or without experience.

On this page you will find shortcuts to each of the articles. As time goes by more articles will be posted up by myself and other guest bloggers so keep checking this page when ever you can for updates.

Once a good number of articles have been gathered, I will publish the "RPG Tavern, How To Roleplay" online PDF. This PDF will be available for free download by anyone who wants it.

Current Articles
How To: Be a Great GM
How To: Make a Character
How To: Create a Fantasy World

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