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Below is a brief Bio of each of the blogs current authors. If you think you have what it takes to join our team, drop us an email at and tell us why.

Tom McDowall (The Longbeard)
I first picked up a roleplaying book just over 10 years ago now, 3rd ed D&D I think, and have been hooked since the word go, progressing from 3rd ed to 3.5 before shrinking back from 4th in horror, I did try it with a group, but it just wasn't our thing.

Like most roleplayers D&D had made up a considerable chunk of my experience, I have also played and, more often than not, been GM for games of Vampire Masquerade, Lone Wolf, WFB, Inquisitor, Traveller, Spy Craft and many other games both published and self devised.

These days I am working on converting some ideas I had a while back into a discernible set of rules for a fantasy/occult/religious roleplay setting based around the fall of Lucifer and the war over the fate of the race of men.

Luke Shore (Hunting Wolf)
I first picked up a 3rd edition D&D boxed game 12 years ago, and have never looked back since, moving to 3.5 when it came out, and from there going on to run/play various systems, including WFRP, white wolfs World of Darkness (old prefered to new) shadowrun, pathfinder, D&D 4th ed (learned from that mistake) Qin the warring states, and Victoriana, inquisitor, plus a few others which are, less than published.

I'm currently working on a Qin campaign based on the Lian Hearn books The tales of the Otori. and a victoriana game revolving heavily around airships.

James Manley (Maveron)
Bio coming soon...